Who Was Man Of The Match? Bayern Munich 1-2 Frankfurt

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Who was Man Of The Match?  

Eintracht Frankfurt seems to often bring nightmares to Bayern in the past few seasons despite the managerial changes in their side, from Adi Hutter to Oliver Glasner. The 1-5 defeat in 2019/2020 cost Niko Kovac’s future, whereas the 1-2 loss last season almost shook their confidence. Both negative results took place on the road. Yet, this weekend, Die Roeten suffered another one at their own home turf.

Image Credits: @eintracht_eng

At first everything looked easy as expected. Bayern deployed 4-2-3-1 as usual while Oliver Glasner opted 3-4-3 formation by pushing forward Kostic so that he could be more involved in the counter attack. Julian Nagelsmann’s side took the lead through Leon Goretzka. However, it did not take long for the visitors to equalise as Martin Hinteregger found the back of the net after taking advantage Filip Kostic’s long cross. The winning goal was eventually scored by Kostic himself. The Serbian international lashed it home and left Manuel Never stunned. His contribution in providing an assist as well as scoring inevitably led to him being named man of the match. His crosses have been proven to be deadly, the 28-year old winger seemed to know how to optimise it effectively considering his relatively low passing accuracy, only about 50 percent. Apparently, such was enough to give the Bayern their first loss of the season.

Lets check out Filip Kostic’s worthy stats:

Filip Kostic’s Stats:

Rating: 8.50

Minutes played: 90

Pass accuracy %: 56.5

Touches: 34

Goal contribution: 1 goal, 1 assist

Shots (on target): 2(1)

Dribbles: 2

Cross completion: 3(2)

Key Passes: 1

Aerial duels won: 1

Tackles: 1

From the home side, Lucas Hernandez was the one who performed well in this game. The French defender was busy intercepting the ball, making clearances and tackles at the back line. He is no longer operating on the left flank as he used to be in Atletico as the left back but more as the center back. Unfortunately, Bayern’s attacking line was unable to score more. One attempt by Serge Gnabry only hit the goal frame.

Lucas Hernandez Stats:

Rating: 7.44

Minutes played: 90

Pass accuracy %: 85.5

Goal contribution:

Shots (on target):

Dribbles: 3

Cross completion:

Key Passes: 1

Aerial duels won: 4

Tackles: 1

Interceptions: 4



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